"I strive to create stunning pieces of fine art photography and captivating reportage and portraiture that become treasures for each couple or family I work with" Jonathan Ladd.

I have studied and practiced many forms of photography since starting my journey in early 2000's. But, it's the photography of people that has always been my obsession. Whether it's portraiture, lifestyle, documentary or street photography, people have always been the common denominator amongst my best and most valuable work. I have worked on global ad campaigns for multi-national companies which i'm extremely proud of, but it's my fascination with human emotion, social interaction and the connection between people that I believe sets me apart from the average photographer and cannot be taught.

A wedding day is filled with excitement, happiness, joy, love, passion, commotion, pride and elation, to name just a few. The ability to capture these emotions, preserve them and relive them forever is the greatest gift that photography offers. But being in the right place at the right time, being genuinely in tune with the mood and emotion and being able to pre-empt those moments no matter how big or small, is my greatest skill. Coupled, of course, with my artistic creativity.

I get a huge buzz from photography. The planning, the creative process itself and the post production. But genuinely the greatest reward for me is leaving people in awe of my work and thats what I strive for every time.


How I work

At each wedding I work with a second photographer supplied as standard. I have a couple of experienced, top-draw photographers I use. I normally photograph the bridal party during their preparations and the second shooter concentrates on the Groom and his groomsmen simultaneously. Once at the wedding venue, we work together to capture the wedding itself and all the celebrations. Effectively, you have two photographers supplied throughout the day which we have found is a great benefit. Both parties end up with a special collection of photographs that document them with their family and friends before the ceremony aswell as the photographs of the newly weds. Nothing gets missed out!

In order to get brilliant results that are personal and unique, I like to get to know you as a couple before the wedding day. Easy and informal, I like a chat and a coffee with you and I'll ask a lot of questions about your wedding day so that I'm completely prepared for everything on the day. We will also meet for a pre-wedding shoot either at your wedding venue or a location of your choice. Allowing a mutual understanding to develop is a real benefit for the results and the smooth running of the day and allows you to get used to being in front of the camera and the way we work. The photography becomes a fun part of the day for you and you will have already brushed aside the inevitable initial nerves of being photographed.

By reading our reviews and testimonials, you can see that the way we work is very laid back and unobtrusive. We always put you and your guests at ease and get involved with the fun to guarantee that nothing is staged or repetitive but is a true reflection of the days events and the genuine emotions of the day. We don't have set poses or cheesy cliches, we try to remain candid and submissive to the proceedings so, hopefully, you will hardly notice us there observing and creating your beautiful shots. When we do direct you, we aren't bossy or forceful. We have the experience to direct and control so that the images are at their very best but don't take over the day. 

We do not set a time limit on the coverage of your day. If the party is still swinging, we'll be there to record it. We don't want to miss out on the fun and would hate to miss anything. 

When the day draws to an end, we leave you to unwind and reflect whilst I get to relive the day again during the post production process. I take my time to lovingly balance and enhance each frame individually until there are a collection of images ready for delivery (no longer than a month after the wedding). Then you get to indulge yourselves by reliving the whole day again. Including your partners preparations as well as your own and all those little moments that got lost in the whirlwind of the day. 

The Results

Take a look at our past work. We produce punchy, vibrant colour and crisp, dramatic black and white photographs. With some images I will apply colour filters and use toning techniques to create or enhance a feeling or impression but I try to avoid wacky photoshop filters and fad techniques. These can look dated 10 years down the line. What never go out of fashion, are well lit pin sharp images in beautiful colour and monochrome.

The Price


- Complete coverage of your wedding day photography with two photographers supplied (normally between 700-1000 photographs)

- Pre-wedding shoot including all images

- A DVD leather bound presentation box with all the images from the wedding day on the disc


Albums and Books

Traditional Luxury leather bound album with 40  10"x10" pages - £600.00

Luxury Classic Book 12"x12" - see video example

This book is a contemporary twist on the classic flush mount album. The thicker, board-type pages of this "New Classic" book are available in a laminate matt or glossy finish and are printed in exquisite 6 colour.

10 page        £577.00

20 page        £629.00

30 page        £690.00

40 page        £750.00

50 page        £820.00

60 page        £899.00

Coffee Table Book 10"x10"- see video example

Designable hard cover book with slip jacket and designable slide-in book case. The beautiful laminate finish protects the pages and continues seamlessly into the binding of the book. This allows you to fully display your images without gutter loss.

40 page       £600.00

50 page       £620.00

60 page       £640.00

70 page       £660.00

80 page       £680.00

90 page       £700.00

100 page     £720.00

Prints will be available to purchase from our client area for you and your wedding guests. This section is password protected for security so that only people who attended your wedding and have the access password can enter.

Newborns and Kids

I photograph newborn babies, toddlers and family portraits using a portable studio which I can bring to your home and/or shoot on location. You may choose a favourite park, garden or woods for the shoot or stay in the comfort of your own home. Each photo shoot is priced at £200.00 for a weekday shoot or £250.00 for a weekend shoot (Approx. 2hours). You also receive an A4 sized print to start you off.

You can then buy prints and canvas' by clicking the images in your client area (password protected) gallery. 

We also offer the following:

The Curve Book - A 12 page fully designed, seamless lay flat book. £150.00 each. (8.5" x 6.5")


The Heirloom Album - A 20 or 30 page luxury album with with colour and text front page options. £390.00 or £440.00 each. (8" x 8")


DVD or USB - 30 chosen high resolution, print ready images in a beautiful presentation box with fully designable cover. £750.00





Having worked with many other wedding suppliers over the years, these are a few we recommend - Speak to Katherine for your flowers. She is dedicated, passionate and a highly skilled florist covering the whole South-East. Stephanie at Bonne Cuisine is experienced, professional and knows exactly what she is doing for any event. For all your alcohol. You should speak to Sukh. He sources every type of drink you could think of and also supplies mobile bars and bar staff.


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